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The Brushes
The Jessica Jayne Essential Face Brush Collection
  • 100 – Foundation Brush

    This luxurious foundation brush is an essential tool for creating the perfect flawless base. These carefully selected high quality synthetic bristles enables foundation to be distributed evenly across all the contours of your face.

    The density and slight curvature of the soft bristles allows you to effortlessly create a streak-free ‘airbrushed’ finish. This elegantly hand crafted brush combines the optimum weight and shape to make foundation application easy, giving you a finish that mimics that of an expert.

  • 200 – Concealer Brush

    This precise concealer brush is the perfect tool for concealing imperfections and eradicating any blemishes to the skin; including broken capillaries, redness and dark under eye circles.

    The rounded tip is fundamental for precision application which is essential for creating the most flawless base. These soft high quality synthetic bristles pick up the optimum amount of product which ensures the perfect coverage.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    300 – Powder Brush

    This powder brush has been expertly designed to ensure any powder product will be evenly distributed across you face.

    The dense soft synthetic bristles which are carefully arranged in a rounded dome shape ensures the ideal amount of product is picked up. This enables you to effortlessly dust powders over you whole face or, if you prefer, target the specific areas that are most prone to shine. The handle gives you control and comfort in your makeup application.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    400 – Contour Brush

    The Jessica Jayne contour brush is an essential tool for creating the perfect cheek and nose contour. Created using only the finest quality materials, this contour brush has been expertly designed to ensure the face can be contoured and sculpted with ease.

    The density and softness of the bristles means this brush is the ideal tool to use with any cream or powder products. The elongated wooden handle ensures you have maximum control so the products can be applied with detail and precision. It’s elegant design, look and feel makes this contour brush a necessity in any makeup collection.

  • 500 – Bronzer/Blush Brush

    With the feel of luxury in each stroke, this brush is an essential tool for seamlessly applying bronzers and blushers to the skin in an effortless and natural way. Blusher is best applied in an angular motion starting from the apples of your cheeks to the temples. The angled shape of the bristles mimics this motion so blusher can be applied effortlessly and the cheekbones are instantly enhanced.

    The luxury cruelty free bristles glide softly across the face which enables you to achieve a perfect “natural glow”. The carefully selected wooden handle gives you the control and balance in your blusher and bronzer application.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    510 – Tapered Highlighter brush

    This brush has been expertly crafted to ensure highlighter can be applied effortlessly to all the high points of your face. Ideal for highlighting your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow and brow bone, this highlighting brush is a necessity for creating a seamlessly flawless illuminated complexion.

    The soft high quality synthetic bristles ensure the optimum amount of product is picked up and can be dusted over the face with ease. This brush is essential for creating a smooth luminous finish.

The Jessica Jayne Essential Eye Brush Collection
  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    600 – Eyelid Brush

    This Jessica Jayne eyelid brush is an essential tool for creating gorgeous matte, shimmer, and foiled eyeshadow looks. This expertly crafted brush ensures eyeshadow glides effortlessly across the eyelid.

    The luxurious compact bristles pick up the optimum amount of eyeshadow with ease and works effectively with both pressed powders and loose pigments. This brush can also be used for applying shadow to the lower lash line.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    610 – Crease Brush

    Perfect for creating the ultimate Smokey eye, this crease brush is perfect for expertly blending eyeshadow around the eye crease. As the high-quality bristles are slightly domed, it enables you to add depth and definition to your eyeshadow look and blend out eyeshadow with ease to create a flawless shadow effect.

    The specially selected wooden handle enables you to have control to apply the colour accurately.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    620 – Brow Brush

    The duel ended Jessica Jayne brow brush is a necessity in creating perfectly sculpted brows. One end consists of an angled eyebrow brush and a spoolie wand on the other which makes this brush perfect for tidying, filling, and defining your eyebrows. The angle of the bristles enables you to follow the shape of your natural eyebrows so you can create the most flawless arched eyebrows.

    This brush is ideal for filling in the sparse patches of your brows by creating natural looking strokes that mimic eyebrow hair. The spoolie wand is essential for tidying brows and combing them into place. This Jessica Jayne brow brush is a necessity for enhancing eyebrows making them look flawless, fuller and thicker.

  • Jessica Jayne Cosmetics

    630 – Blending Brush

    This blending brush enables you to seamlessly blend out your eyeshadows and buff out any harsh lines with ease. The angled shape of the brush fits perfectly in the natural contour of your eye.

    The brush is crafted with soft high quality synthetic bristles to ensure the delicate skin around your eyes is protected but still delivers exceptional results.